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A few years ago I was looking for something to read and stumbled across the BBC’s Book Challenge.  Reading through the list I was ashamed to realise I had only read about 10 of them.  Since then, I made it my mission to work my way through the list (within reason – I’m never going to read the Complete Works of Shakespeare).  The problem was it has just made me want to read more, as often as I can and so I’ve been diverted (albeit willingly) from the list on a regular basis.

I decided to start blogging about the books I’ve read because I feared I was boring all my friends by starting each conversation with “Have you read…?” or “I’ve just finished reading…”

I’m not a writer, my job has nothing really to do with literature, I just like reading.

Often I’ll read a book and just like one aspect of it, perhaps the structure, the setting or the tone etc.  I’ve tried, where possible, to include recommendations based on specific elements of each book I’ve read…hope it helps!


6 comments on “About Me

  1. Hello, I was interested in your review services. I have released 9 novels thus far, from 3 different publishers in the US and Canada and also have a self-pubbed series. I have several books that were released in the last year, both YA and new adult. I’m currently working on the “Death of the Mad Hatter” if you were interested in a ARC.
    About Me: I specialize in dark, paranormal romance – think “happy ever after” but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn’t only filled with hugs, kisses, bunnies, and rainbows. True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It’s in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of – both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn’t always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug. However, it doesn’t mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit?
    Sarah J. Pepper

  2. Ara hayward says:

    Hello. Would you review a book recommended to you from an author?

  3. Books HQ says:

    Hi all, just to clarify, yes I would listen to any suggestions of books you may want to recommend to me, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll read them. If you want to send me any books to read, please keep in mind that I run this blog in my spare time and so I cannot commit to reading anything by any given deadline. Also, I will have to be totally honest in any review I write.
    Hope that’s given you the answers needed

  4. My Name is George P. Harris

    I write novels in the literary tradition. My website is-http://georgepritchardharris.com/

    My first three volumes will be available as free Kindle downloads on September 14, for 24 hours starting Midnight PST.

    The Amazon link is-http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=George%20Pritchard%20Harris&search-alias=digital-text&sort=relevancerank

    Please contact me for any reason- gph73@yahoo.com

    Very truly yours,

    George Harris

  5. spoiler2010 says:


    This is John Reinhard Dizon, author of Tiara on Amazon. I would like to be featured on your website.

    Tiara is one of the most original novels on Northern Ireland written in quite some time. Based on the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, it borrows from the Princess Diana tragedy in a what-if scenario, then takes a dark turn into the shadowy world of terrorism that brings us right alongside modern day headlines. Its politics, its characters and its storyline are controversial and intriguing, turning this into a first-rate page-turner.

    Princess Jennifer is a widowed member of British royalty who pursues a vision quest in attending the negotiations at Stormont leading to the GFA in NI of 1998. She becomes a fantasy object to Berlin Mansfield, a terrorist who finagles his way into the peace talks to meet the Princess. Unknown to both of them, she is also the target of the Ulster Defense Association, a loyalist gang intent on holding her hostage to stop the negotiations. She is kidnapped by the UDA, and Mansfield offers his services to the rival IRA to try and rescue the Princess. CIA agents Jon Stevens and Slash Scimitar are in NI on a mission and end up helping the British track down both Mansfield and the kidnappers. Eventually the ‘black knight’ rescues the Princess, and we end up on a different track on this rollercoaster that eventually hurtles us home safely into the Good Friday Agreement.

    Tiara’s Jennifer is reminiscent of Princess Di, recalling the guess-who characterizations employed by Mario Puzo in The Godfather. She’s a statuesque, emerald-eyed blonde whose philandering husband buys the farm in a boating accident, leaving her with her own unique title (the Princess of Edinburgh) and position as heiress to the throne of England. She buries her grief in British philanthropy, drawing her into the centuries-old debate over the Troubles in Ulster. She becomes a crusader for the quest for self-governance, and in doing so becomes a target for the Ulster Defense Association, a loyalist terror gang. They kidnap the Princess in a last-ditch effort to derail the talks. The incident is catapulted into international headlines, and at this point the story escalates into a tale of romance, intrigue, revenge and murder between the UDA and the rival IRA.

    Although the IRA and their counterparts, Sinn Fein and MADD (Mothers Against Drug Dealers, or Evil Mothers), remain shadowy figures in the novel, the conflicts within the UDA are most noteworthy. Elderly bosses Jimmy “the Bull” Doherty and Delmore Merrick struggle to maintain control of their politically-savvy kidnap team under street tough Baxter Cody. Along with fraying political connections, they eventually lose their most deadly assassin, Shannon Blackburn (my vote as the scariest villain of all time), as well as their control of East Belfast in the changing times ahead. The subplot provides us with an insightful look at NI in its arrival into a new century amidst its traditional values and mores.

    • helenq says:

      Hi John, if you would like to contact George, I suggest you do so directly, not via my blog. You can probably tell from reading this page that I am, in fact, not George. Sorry to disappoint!

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